Adding pollinator seed to your pasture is easy!

Jon Bansen, of Double J Jerseys in Oregon, was involved with this project from the very beginning.  In the fall, Jon states that he had the best success when planting on dryland ground and no-tilling the mixture into existing stands.  In the spring he had the best results when total tillage was involved in a new planting.

Either way, 5-8 lbs of seed per acre gave him great results.  Using this seeding rate “the re-growth and blooms are amazing!” in the spring he reports.

Regarding the Pastures for Pollinators mix for forage, Jon says, "It was brilliant! Made really good feed. It smelled really good. I fed it to my dry heifers in round bales and they gobbled it right up."

For information on planting in existing stands, click here.

For information on new plantings, click here.

When the plants are not easily pulled out of the soil it is safe to graze.  It’s that easy!   As a side note if you have excellent success with your seeding and your clover population is very high you might want to consider utilizing an anti-bloat block to prevent any problems for your livestock.


This is highly digestible forage; your livestock, the pollinators and your soil will thank you!

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